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As the first three stanzas of the prayer are structured around the Holy Trinity, so too, is the mystical circle surrounding the Cross- there are red, orange and yellow swirled shapes that have been drawn from iconography to represent the Breath of God. These represent, YHWH, the Breath of All Being. The outer part of the circle, surrounding the Breath of God, is flame, representing the Holy Spirit. At the very center of the circle is Christ in the image of the Divine Mercy. As we speak of weapons and war and the sins that cause them, the Cross is prominent. Together, the Holy Trinity imagery evokes a shape that can suggest the mushroom cloud of an atomic explosion, however the destruction has been transformed into Divine Love and Mercy, directed toward the broken cathedral and figures below. All beings, represented by the people at the bottom, are joined in unity to address and heal the damage and desolation before them. - Kim Vanderheiden

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