Pax Christi USA

Pax Christi USA began in 1972, and serves as the national organization for the many Pax Christi groups in the U.S. It is affiliated with Pax Christi International.

Pax Christi International

Pax Christi International is a global Catholic peace movement working worldwide to establish:

  • Peace,
  • Respect for Human Rights
  • Justice and Reconciliation

Pax Christi was founded in Europe in 1945 as a reconciliation movement bringing together French and Germans after World War II. 

Catholic Nonviolence Initiative

Affirming the vision and practice of active nonviolence at the heart of the Catholic church.


ICAN is a broad, inclusive campaign, focused on mobilizing civil society around the world to support the specific objective of prohibiting and eliminating nuclear weapons.

Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

Technology should be used to empower all people, not to reduce us – to stereotypes, labels or just a pattern of 1’s and 0’s. With growing digital dehumanisation, the Stop Killer Robots coalition works to ensure human control in the use of force. Our campaign calls for new international laws on autonomy in weapons systems.