We invite you conduct a listening session with people you know, and send us your response. We have a facilitation guide ready for you to use on zoom or in person.

  • 1. Gather a group of two to six people together and conduct a listening session using either the Listening Session Resource Guides on this page below (for practicing Catholics and practicing Christians) or the Alternative Questions Guides (for ecumenical use or to speak with people who have left the institutional church or left all religion.) 
  • 2. Appoint someone from your group to take lots of notes on your session. The session will take about an hour to an hour and a half.
  • 3. Once you’re done, send the notes via email to [email protected].

Please complete and send listening session notes or reports to us by May 15th, 2022.

The first file, PAX_Synod_Listening_Slides, is designed to make it easy to hold a session over zoom. You can share your screen and can walk through explanations of what the synod is, the role of discernment and prayer and how it relates to the practice of nonviolence and the work of disarmament. Then the slides share information on how to hold a safe and courageous space for sharing, and move the group into the synod prayer, quiet reflection, and the questions.

The second file, PAX_Synod_SmallGroupGuide, offers all of the same material as the slides, but is only text. This may be more helpful to people conducting in-person groups who would like a short guide in front of them to assist in leading, or to pass out to participants to follow along.

Are you holding a session with someone who has left the institutional church, does not consider themselves Christian, or a follower of religion? Please see this link for revised questions and format: Alternative Questions

Would you like to participate in writing instead of having a listening session? There are resources just for you here: Written Synod Response

If you need any additional support, please let us know: [email protected].