Pax Christi is organized around the method of prayer, study and action. Through a balance of these three focal points on a given topic in peace and justice, we tend our spiritual relationship to God and each other concerning the matter at hand, and inform ourselves so that we choose actions that engage the heart, mind, soul, and body in effective work for peace.

Pax Christi Northern California offers prayer cards and peace messages that you can use in your own efforts to reach out to others. On our pages you will find downloads for sharing these digitally through email and social media, as well as an option to order physical copies for distribution. We offer these free of charge to those who can use them to help us share the message.

We do welcome donations to help with the printing and mailing costs of the cards. If you are able to contribute, please use the donate button at the bottom of this website to use a credit card or paypal. It costs us $4-10 to ship a set of cards depending on the quantity requested, and about $300 per press run of 500 prayer cards.