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Nuclear Disarmament Prayer Card


Kim Vanderheiden created for us a moving prayer card and prayer

Liturgy of Remembrance/Repentance


Join us November 23, 2019

Sacred Heart Church


7 PM

4025 Martin Luther King Jr. Way

Oakland, CA

Choosing Peace


Our event was co-sponsored by Newman Nonviolent Peacemaking Group.

  • Marie Dennis, keynote, former co-president of Pax Christi International and currently serving on the executive committee of the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative.
  • Miriam Noriega, program director for the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity.
  •  Nick Mele, a retired U.S. diplomat and long-timme Pax Christi member.
  •  Fr. Tom Bonacci, C.P., the executive director of the Interfaith Peace Project.

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