Death Threat and a Dream “I will kill him first!”

I grew up in the aftermath of World War II. Mom and Dad were traditional Republicans. Everyone assumed that, although war was tragic, it was sometimes necessary. In 1960, when I started in physics at UC Berkeley, two years of military training were mandatory for all male students, including wearing...

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Jovita with Black Lives Matter sign

Jovita’s Walk

After the death of George Floyd, Jovita, a member of Pax Christi, began a daily walk of several miles, alone, holding a Black Lives Matter sign in a community where many did not welcome the message. Jovita shared: “The racism and prejudice I witnessed, in the cold-blooded murder of George...

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A Gandhian “Army”?

Ever since Jesus pointed me towards Gandhi in response to a death threat, in 1968, I have been dreaming of a Gandhian-style nonviolent “army,” consisting of nonviolent “warriors.” Gandhi’s warriors, satyagrahis (“truth-holders”), trained for 14 years before going into battle against the British, who had little chance against such a...

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