John Dear on the Gospel of Peace

Fr. John Dear The Gospel of Peace On Saturday morning, January 27, Pax Christi Northern California (PCNC) in conjunction with Newman Nonviolent Peacemakers had the privilege of hosting two outstanding peacemakers at our annual assembly which we held at Newman Hall/Holy Spirit Parish in Berkeley, CA.  The event was attended by...

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Past and Present Peacemaker Award Recipients

Tom Webb Peacemaker of the Year Event

On October 15, 2022 at Newman/Holy Spirit Parish in Berkeley, Pax Christi Northern California (PCNC) hosted its annual assembly and Tom Webb Peacemaker of the Year event.  It was titled, “A Time to Celebrate: A Time to Double Down.”  The event started with Dory Miller, a student at a local...

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Vivian Zelaya

A Time to Celebrate, A Time to Double Down

Join us in honoring our 2022 Tom Webb Memorial Peacemaker of the Year recipient: Vivian Zelaya. Vivian is a local Catholic organizer dedicated to the support of Palestinian rights, nuclear disarmament, preventing violence in Latin America, and other efforts for peace and justice in this country and abroad. Learn more...

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Death Threat and a Dream “I will kill him first!”

I grew up in the aftermath of World War II. Mom and Dad were traditional Republicans. Everyone assumed that, although war was tragic, it was sometimes necessary. In 1960, when I started in physics at UC Berkeley, two years of military training were mandatory for all male students, including wearing...

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Jovita with Black Lives Matter sign

Jovita’s Walk

After the death of George Floyd, Jovita, a member of Pax Christi, began a daily walk of several miles, alone, holding a Black Lives Matter sign in a community where many did not welcome the message. Jovita shared: “The racism and prejudice I witnessed, in the cold-blooded murder of George...

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A Gandhian “Army”?

Ever since Jesus pointed me towards Gandhi in response to a death threat, in 1968, I have been dreaming of a Gandhian-style nonviolent “army,” consisting of nonviolent “warriors.” Gandhi’s warriors, satyagrahis (“truth-holders”), trained for 14 years before going into battle against the British, who had little chance against such a...

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